Monthly Archives: January 2014

Sea Explorers Unit

Col River_ lewis_clarkFor social studies and writing, our students have been learning about Pacific Northwest sea explores. Since mid-December, they have been reading biographies as well as writing summaries, captain’s logs, acrostic poems, and friendly letters. This week, our students have started work on a research project that will eventually become an iMovie presentation about a sea explorer. Students have learned how to conduct effective key word searches using Google, and they are presently engaged in research about their explorer. After the student groups complete their research, they will begin to construct their video projects. So, stay tuned for some videos coming your way!

Report Cards

report2Report cards for the first semester will be sent home with students on February 6th. There are a few small changes to the report card this year. Across the district a new grade book and report card system is being used. The new system does not display +/- with letter grades (i.e.  C+, A-). Therefore, students will be issued straight letter grades (A, B,…).  Also, instead of the plus, check, minus grades for work habits and behavior, those areas will be assessed with a 1-5 scale.

EY Library Online Cataloging System

2014-01-15 15.20.11Students can now search for books from the EY library online at school, at home, or anywhere for that matter using the Destiny Quest. To gain experience in using the system, EY 4th and 5th graders have a scavenger hunt activity due by January 29th. Students were given a scavenger hunt sheet as well as log in procedures today. The link to Destiny Quest can also be accessed on the EY Web Page under the Student Learning pulldown.

To access the database, click here

Science Inquiry with Temp Probes

We started up the new year focusing on science inquiry skills using Vernier temperature probes. Students are learning how investigations are designed and conducted. Using the temperature probes, our students are learning how to form a hypothesis, read data in charts and graphs, and they are analyzing data as well.

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