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Pine Tree 2013 Videos

pinetreeOur 5th grade reading group read an old tale by Hans Christian Andersen titled “The Pine Tree.” Students spent a over a week engaged in some in depth reading of the selection focusing on the evolving theme of story, character analysis, vocabulary, and story structure. The culminating activity was to create a video using iMovie on the iPads which represented the story that included free-use photos, story captions, and free-use music. Please take a few moments to view their work.

View Pine Tree Videos!

Chinook Salmon Release

It was a little sad to seem them go, and they were a real good group of fish, but it was time to move on with their lives. Yesterday we released our 1,000 chinook salmon fry that we raised in our classrooms since October 23rd. The we]ather was great, for December, and certainly better than the below freezing temps we had last week. The water temperature was 37 degrees so it was chillier than the 52 degree water our chinook fry were used to, but they seemed to adjust fine. Below is a short video of our release day beginning with our students scooping them out of the incubator. Our next planned hatch will be rainbow trout in the winter of 2015!

Using iMovie on iPads in Reading

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EY 5th graders have been reading Hans Christian Andersen’s Pine Tree story. Along the way, they have been engaged in close reading activities which require them to preview and predict before reading, actively search for relevant information during reading, and reflect on learning after reading. 

The culminating activity is having students construct an iMovie video which represents the story of the Pine Tree through photos, captions, and sound. Students are learning how to search for images that are free for use for education using advanced Google tools and the Wikimedia Commons website. It has been amazing at how quickly our 5th graders have learned how to use the iMovie app and are now showing their teacher all sorts of new tricks!

EY 4/5 STEM – Wind Turbine Testing

Our latest project has students building wind turbines and testing them for the amount of voltage (milli volts) they produce. Thanks for Mr. Zirschky for creatively designing and building our testing racks. They work wonderfully. Also, a special thanks to Mr. Byerley (District STEM TOSA) for loaning us Vernier Labquests and voltage probes to use to collect data.

One Week Until Release!

Next Monday we will release our chinook salmon fry in an ODFW approved site on the Willamette River. The egg sacs of the salmon fry are gradually getting smaller and our fish are swimming more freely around the incubators. Stay tuned for pics of the release.

First snow!

It’s 27 degrees and snowing for the first time this year at EY.

Writing Machine #2

Our students are using their experience from building the first writing machine to design and construct a second version. The goal is to construct a writing device that will draw a shape or design other than a circle. Today our students become part of the quality control department and will inspect and evaluate each other’s devices using a company scoring guide. Check out the video to see some engineering in action!

Classroom Chinook Update

Our chinook salmon alevins are growing fast and they’re making good progress with their swimming lessons. We’re looking at releasing them sometime during the week of December 16th as they transition to the fry stage. More information will be forthcoming regarding when and where we will release them, as well as a request for some parent help at the release site. 

Poolside Perimeter and Area

anderson2EY Parent, Brody Anderson, was a guest speaker and teacher in our 4th grade math class today. He shared how he uses math skills such as area and perimeter in his swimming pool construction business, Anderson Poolworks. Students had the opportunity to calculate the area and perimeter of different swimming pool designs including one of their own. Our kids were fascinated and had many questions involving how math is used in pool construction. Thanks, Mr. Anderson, for taking time to meet with us today.