Robotics Tourney Results!

2013-06-07 13.12.16Our robotics unit concluded with a very competitive pair of tournaments on Friday. The first year student tourney, The Down and Back Challenge, was full of drama and came down to a close finish between first and second place. The second year students’ tourney, Touch Sensor Racers, was equally as compelling and involved a tremendous amount of planning, coordination, and teamwork. The final results of this tourney were also very close. Congratulations to all participants for a job well done. Below are the final results and several pics-

Down and Back Challenge-

1st. “Willamena” (Ruth, Paige, Abbey)

2nd. “JJ” (Shelby, Lexie, Amanda)

3rd. “Robey” (Dani, Joy, Julia)

Touch Sensor Racers-

1st. “Turbo Slug” (Weston, Evan, Irvin)

2nd. “Bob the Annihilator” (Taylor, Nathan, Emily)

3rd. “The Terminator” (Brandon, Mason, Hunter)

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