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Hit and Run History TV visits EY 4-5 Students

Today our 4/5 students were treated to a visit by some very special people.  Historical novelist, journalist, and producer, Andrew Buckley from Chatham, MA, visited our students today to share details about his Boston-based TV series, Hit and Run History: The Columbia Expedition.

The seeds of this visit dates back to 2008 when our 4/5 students that year produced videos using iMovie about Pacific Northwest Sea Explorers. Mr. Buckley had recently written a book about the ship Columbia and was conducting research the development of a TV series. In his search, he came up on the Ewing Young videos and this served as an inspiration for him to pursue his project.

Presently, Andrew, his 10 year old daughter, Sophie, and his production crew are filming and interviewing for a segment about the Columbia’s expedition along the Oregon coast. They drove over from Tillamook to visit our school before heading back over to Astoria to be part of the replica ship, Lady Washington’s entrance to the Columbia River this week.

In addition, his daughter, Sophie, is part of a web-based TV series of her own titled, China: Through My Eyes.  Sophie shared about her series, her visit to China, and about her other worldly travels.

Some video footage was taken and it is estimated that the segment will be shown on Boston’s WBGH- TV in the fall. Since we don’t get that station around here, we’ll be able to view the segments on the Hit and Run History website when it is posted later in the year.

Here is one of the student videos from 2008 that set the whole visit today in motion.