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Colonial America Simulation

This week our 4/5 students have been working in small groups representing the colony of Jamestown settlers trying to survive in the New World. During this task, students have to manage their time and money wisely in order to complete tasks that represent storing food and building a fort. The objectives of this simulation are for students to become familiar with the primary figures of early colonization and understand the motivations that influenced the formations of the first colonies. Also, the simulation is designed for students to develop empathy with the challenges faced by the earliest European Americans.

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What’s new in science?

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After working hard on our US Regions study and video, we switched back to science. Mrs. Reed has been teaching both homerooms a geology unit. Students in her science class are studying the rock cycle, the water cycle, watersheds, and layers of the Earth through many hands-on, high interest activities. Mr. Evers has been teaching a magnetism unit primarily through the use of Vernier magnetic probes, which are connected to laptops that run graphing software. These units also integrate writing skills as our students have also been learning how to write up scientific investigations.

Brandon, Terrific Kid!

Each year the Kiwanis Club of Newberg honors a student from each school in our district with the Terrific Kid award.  This year’s representative from EY is Brandon from Mr. Evers’ classroom. Brandon  is a great example of a “Terrific Kid.” Before the school year started, Brandon set some very high goals for himself. One of these has been to complete and turn in his work on time, and thus far Brandon has done a very good job of keeping up with his schoolwork. Another major goal of Brandon’s is to be a very responsible citizen. After eight weeks of school, Brandon’s behavior and attitude has been excellent. Many students and staff have taken notice of how Brandon has stayed true to his goals. Congratulations, Brandon.

Family Math Night

Mudpuddles Toys and Books will be hosting Family Math Night at EY on Friday, November 9th, 6pm – 8pm. Join in on the fun with a night of exciting math games. . There will be a $20 Mudpuddles gift card for the teacher with the most student attendance at the event. EYST will get 20% of the sales from that evening to spend on educational games for the classroom.


Just a reminder that conferences are coming up soon. This year our conference day will be on Monday, November 19th. The conference hours will be from 12:30 pm -8:00 pm, and conference slots will be 15 minutes. Please call the EY office at 503.554.4750  to schedule a conference. Thanks.