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Folktale Slideshows

In our 5th grade reading class we have been reading and studying various African folktales for the last several weeks. The culminating project was for students to work in pairs or threes to plan and write their own folktale complete with characters, setting, problem, solution, and lesson. After planning and writing, our students illustrated the major events from the folktales and then created a narrated slideshow using a free service called Mybrainshark. Take a look and listen our folktale projects.

The #1 Broken Friendship by Mitchell and Sydney

Cougar Lies by AJ, Nick, and Jordan

The Curse of Honu by Steve and Hadley

The Parrot, the Cobra, and the Tiger by Hiller and April

The Fox and the Bird by Connor and Tera

Wolf Fools Bear by Allison and Madison

The Goat and the Takin by Jake and Jake


Bonneville Dam and Fish Hatchery Field Trip

A map of the Bonneville area.

We had a wonderful time touring Bonneville Dam, Bonneville Fish Hatchery, and viewing the beauty of the Columbia Gorge on our trip there and back today. As usual our students were very well behaved and received compliments from the Bonneville staff for their good citizenship. The field trip was a great culmination of our science studies of energy, ecosystems, and the trout life cycle. One of the big highlights was viewing the two huge sturgeon that have been featured at the fish hatchery for several years.

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5th Grade District Track Meet

Our EY 5th graders participated in the annual 5th District Track Meet today. The event was hosted graciously at Sherwood High School since the NHS field is currently undergoing remodeling. Our 5th graders performed very well on the field and earned many ribbons. More importantly, our students once again exhibited outstanding attitudes, effort, and sportsmanship. Congratulations to our 5th graders!

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Robotics Final Challenge – The Can Do Competition

Our final robotics challenge , The Can Do Competition, will take place on Friday, June 8th at 8:45 am in the EY Gym. Parents and family members are welcome to attend.

Robotics – The first three weeks

We are well underway with our robotics unit. Students first engaged in a science inquiry project with a coaster car. Using their data from their car, students completed a work sample which included describing the investigation, generating a hypothesis, displaying their data (graphing), and analyzing the results.

The second phase of robotics is learning programming. First year students are using our Lego RCX kits and second year students are using Lego NXT kits. Both kits are quite a bit different from each other in regard to parts, assembly, and programming.  After learning the basics on how to program a robot, both groups are presented with a challenge of having their robots follow a black line course. We held a competition on Thursday and we were very impressed with our students’ programming, construction, cooperative work skills, effort, and attitude.

Next up, the Can Do challenges. Tune in soon.

See pics of Coaster Car and Line Follower Projects.

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